Post-harvest applications

Post-harvest applications

1-MCP / SmartFresh Quality System

The SmartFreshSM Quality System, the flagship product of AgroFresh, is globally recognised as an important tool for fruit quality management. SmartFresh successfully manages fruit and vegetable ripening by controlling naturally occurring ethylene during storage and transport.

Ethylene triggers ripening and spoilage in most fruits and vegetables, and can be responsible for storage disorders which can spoil products and result in loss and waste. SmartFresh reduces fruit waste and maintains the texture, firmness, taste and appearance of fruits by warding off negative ethylene effects.

Ethylene absorbers

E+ Its Fresh

Farmers can't always get all of their produce delivered safely to meet customer needs. Food suppliers suffer from spoilage through insufficient product life and from unexpected supply chain disruption and produce diseases. Wasting food wastes everything... water, labour, fuel, time and money.

The guiding vision of the It’s Fresh! research and development programme is the creation of ‘Freshaspheres’ around fresh food and flowers. These ‘Freshaspheres’ defend and extend quality, freshness and flavour right from harvest, all the way through the supply chain and, finally, into the home for consumers around the world to enjoy.

Our breakthrough product is the green stripy It’s Fresh! filter. The e+™ active ingredient is 100 times more powerful than any other known substance in absorbing ethylene. Ethylene, the major cause of premature ripening, has been detected in a very wide range of fresh produce, from berries to broccoli, and further implicated in the propagation of rot and mould.

The filters have been extensively tested by leading international academic and research houses. They are used by global retailers, growers, and suppliers. The filter can be used in synergy with other technologies or more often to replace them.

Plant protection products

Tecnidex, a company of AgroFresh, is a leading provider of post-harvest fungicides, waxes, and biocides. Through its portfolio of post-harvest products, technology, consulting, and aftersale services, Tecnidex improves the quality and value of its clients’ fruit and vegetables while respecting the environment.