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At your side, in the field, in storage facilities and on the shelf

AgroCell's expert scientists are constantly working with cultivators, traders, associates and research institutes to provide you with the know-how to identify, control, adjust and correctly use the parameters that impact the post-harvest behaviour of your produce, starting from the field and ending on the shelf and meet the consumer. This whole process is undertaken carefully respecting human health and the environment.

In addition, we help you effectively meet the challenges and adapt as much as possible to the requirements of domestic and international markets. We make it possible for fruit and flowers to reach their destination fresh and become more affordable and popular in markets further afield.

The modern business primary sector and cooling maintenance support services are constantly changing and evolving. Into this environment  AgroCell offers complete solutions, products and services to protect your income and further develop your activity.


Pre-harvest services

Our pre-harvest services are designed for those who are involved in fruit preservation, their cultivation and their growth to maturity in the field. Our services rationale is to help solve specific problems: 

  • How should I improve managing my crops so as to better preserve my fruit?
  • How can I better manage my fruits post-harvest? 

In collaboration with specialist partners and programmed visits we discuss proper crop management with our clients. We treat each case uniquely and advise on a case-by-case basis so as to match each product with the best available post-harvest maintenance technologies. In short, we carefully connect and respond to what is happening in the field to the behaviour of the fruit during its maintenance.

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Determining your harvest period

This specific service helps you answer the most common and pressing question of any - "When to Cut?" This is the most important common connection between the producer and the buyer. Using both classical and modern techniques we offer extra measurement data to those who want to decide when to harvest because they want to:

  • Apply 1-MCP.
  • Manage the maintenance of their fruit based on the sales they anticipate.
  • Manage their harvest.

Post-harvest applications

We have focused our resources on providing post harvest fruit quality and protection management applications designed for producers, transporters, traders and the shelf. They are: 

  • 1-MCP / SmartFresh Quality System
  • Ethylene absorbers
  • Plant protection products

Ripening protocols

In case your fruits have to meet specific maturation standards AgroCell can offer you technologies that help fruit to mature more efficiently. In this way, we adapt products and especially control the quantity you want in each case, for the needs of your partner traders and final consumers.

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Room Monitoring

This service is for those who want to know more about the process of fruit maturation in storage compartments. By measuring the concentrations of specific gases at regular intervals we provide additional information to identify as early as possible a change in your fruits' maturation process. Based on this data you can better manage and avoid any emergencies that may arise.

room monitoring

KipFresh Solutions

Take advantage of our latest range of tech products, as well as our scientifically proficient advisory services to improve the quality of your fruit or flowers, reduce your losses and have more satisfied and loyal consumers.

  • Pre-harvest services
  • Timing your harvest period
  • Post-harvest applications
  • Ripening Protocols

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