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We support apple production, storage, and marketing businesses to improve their harvesting and post-harvest strategy.

Overall goal

To support companies producing, maintaining and selling apple varieties and to improve the implementation of their harvest and post-harvest policies.

Specific goals

  • To improve apple management having reviewed the existing situation and then redesigning and enriching it with directions and instructions on a case by case basis.
  • Reduction & proper management of post-harvest losses.
  • Set harvest criteria for increased preservation processes on a case by case basis.
  • Improving competitiveness for transporters.

Services provided

  • 1-MCP applications: The application of the SmartFresh quality system inhibits the production of ethylene in the fruit, helping to maintain their quality.
  • Maturity Determination Stage: The collective maturity determination services include performing on-demand field measurements to help you select the correct harvest period (stage). Indicatively we mention fruit hardness, brix etc.
  • Plant Protection Solutions: By recognising the needs of each customer individually, we suggest the most suitable plant protection solutions.
  • Chamber Tracking: Specialised measurements of ethylene, oxygen and carbon dioxide in the chambers of your choice as an additional decision-making tool for you and the progress of your fruit.
  • Maturity Protocols: Maturity protocol design tailored to your clients' requirements.


The degree of starch decay during harvest combined with the rate of production of endogenous ethylene gives us important information to determine the optimum time to harvest.

Collective maturity identification table, Apple

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