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Discover the range of choices and solutions we provide, especially for kiwi cultivation, depending on the post-harvest maintenance strategy you choose.

Overall goal

To create an operational environment for doing business based on improving the quality of kiwi fruit pre-harvest and on the proper implementation and evaluation of post-harvesting practices. This is all done with the clear goal of optimising the post-harvest behaviour of kiwis.

Specific goals

  • To improve the management of kiwis having reviewed the existing situation and then redesigning and enriching it with directions and instructions appropriate for each case.
  • Strengthening members-producers involved in management, by assisting in the implementation of guidelines and directions for effective cooperation, resulting in stability and consistency in following specifications.
  • Developing minimum requirements for selected producers to be part of the scheme.
  • Improving the quality of fruit.
  • Improving the production and income of the parties involved.
  • Reducing the cost of farming.
  • Stability of production.

Services provided

  • 1-MCP applications: The application of the SmartFresh quality system inhibits the production of ethylene in the fruit, helping to maintain their quality.
  • Maturity Determination Stage: The collective maturity determination services include performing on-demand field measurements to help you select the correct harvest period (stage). Indicatively we mention fruit hardness, brix etc.
  • Plant Protection Solutions: By recognising the needs of each customer individually, we suggest the most suitable plant protection solutions.
  • Chamber Tracking: Specialised measurements of ethylene, oxygen and carbon dioxide in the chambers of your choice as an additional decision-making tool for you and the progress of your fruit.
  • Maturity Protocols: Maturity protocol design tailored to your clients' requirements.
  • Cultivation protocols: We design, support and evolve cultivation protocols tailored to your customers' requirements. This service includes specialised technical advice as part of an integrated plan with regular field visits and cold maintenance installations as well as technical supervision between specific & pre-defined periods.



The post-harvest curing process creates a healing tissue that restricts the entry of Botrytis into the fruit, the option of a longer preservation time, the correct temperature of the right place and upright ventilation, which all lead to an optimum result, with the least possible loss of hardness.

Collective maturity identification table, Kiwi

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